Friday, April 7, 2017

F is for...FUN Stampers Journey

I really enjoy being a Fun Stampers Journey Coach. I like the products and have really loved getting to "know" other coaches across the country via FaceBook and other social media. I started a little over a year ago as a hobbyist, but surprised myself with two promotions and suddenly I'm a Senior Coach Leader without really trying. So that's a good thing, and I reckon I'm being successful at it.

But not long ago I was reflecting on WHY I make cards. I mean, really - why do I spend time and money to make greeting cards when I certainly could go down to the Dollar Tree and buy a bunch???? I have boxes of cards I've made, and every month I make more to demonstrate at my class or just because I see a card that's pretty or a technique that I'd like to try. I need to figure out what to do with all the extras, and every now and then I think, with sympathy, about all the "stuff" my daughters will have to deal with when I die! (Of course, my husband has a lot more "stuff" than I do, and it's a lot BIGGER! Lol!)

Anyway, as I thought about it, I realized that I do it because it's FUN. I enjoy the creative process. It's a quiet time when I can go down in my craft room and listen to a book on tape while I play with my "stuff." My monthly classes are a social time when I get together with a bunch of ladies that I really like. I can't see well enough to bead any more, so ink, sequins and card stock help fulfill my need to fondle colorful, shiny, pretty things!

So I guess it's not really about the cards. Yes, people compliment me on the Christmas and birthday cards I send them, which makes me feel good. And find I'm sending a lot more cards and keeping in touch better than I used to. My mom takes a lot of my spare cards and uses them, so she doesn't have to go out looking for a card when she wants to write a note to a friend. But it's really about having something to do that I enjoy. Some people run, hike or walk. Others play sports or build things. Me? I stamp. 😀 And it's FUN!!!

On a side note - here are the cards we'll be making at my April class on the 22nd.


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  1. I really like making cards too although unfortunately don't have as much time for them as I'd like! I'm already late with my easter cards even though I got a pack of stuff in the theme so I guess tomorrow is the day! Thank you for sharing your enthusiasm about it, really inspiring :)

    Today on my Journey To Courageous Living my belated F is for  a fun post. - I think. But you'll be the judge of it so come, check it out ;)