Friday, April 14, 2017

M is for...My Mom

Me and Mom with my younger brother Les

My mom is amazing. She's 87 years old and still living on her own, about a 45-minute drive from me. At some point she may decide it's time to come live with me and my husband, but we want her to make that decision. She has a beautiful yard with lots of flowers, and we've FINALLY convinced her to get some help with the heavy work. I also just recently convinced her to try the motorized carts at the grocery store - it was a real hoot helping her learn to drive one the first time

Mom and I (and Dad!) went to college together. Mom went to normal training after high school, then taught, but had to quit when I and my brother were born. She wanted to teach, and she made it happen. She taught 3rd grade for many years, and it was wonderful being able to talk to her and ask for advice in my own teaching. A few years ago she told me she wanted to join the Peace Corps, but married young and never had the chance.

She was a fierce advocate for my special needs brother, always looking into educational opportunities for him. Even though he's in 24-7 care and she has transferred his guardianship to me and my younger brother, she remains actively involved in his welfare.

Unfortunately, lately she's been feeling weak and short of breath, and having problems with her feet and legs swelling. The last time we went to get her groceries, she chose to sit and wait while I did the shopping. I feel so lucky to still have her, and I worry about her. I guess that's part of life, but she's always been so strong and smart. She is my role model and I love her very much.

Mom and her younger sister Viola
First time in motorized cart

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  1. Our moms have much in common, they are both 87, love flowers and still live on their own. Lucky for you being so close, as I live almost a thousand miles away and I only get their a few times during the year. She lives in the South, and me now in the North. If the day comes that she would like to come here and live with me, it will be very tough, esp due to the weather changes. I hope our mothers can remain in their own homes, where they are happy until the end. I enjoyed your M blog post. I also write on my mom in Conversations with Mom as my A to Z.