Friday, February 9, 2018

Experimenting with my Scan n Cut

One of my FSJ Coach friends posted on Facebook that she was having some trouble cutting this cute little stamp - Age is Irrelephant (AT-0212) - with her Scan n Cut. Instead of just cutting around the elephant, it was also cutting out the ear and the eye. So I decided to try experimenting a little with the settings.

I used my 2017 birthday stamp, because it has LOTS of open areas that might lend themselves to a bad cut. My first scan was terrible - so I tried again and had better results. I have no idea what the difference was! But I discovered that I was able to get just an outline when scanning in black and white (the center setting) OR in color mode if I stayed at 5 or more colors. Taking the colors down to 2 gave me the ability to scan the inside lines as well. Here are my results, if anyone's interested!!

Direct Cut, set to B&W using the wrench and screwdriver button
Looks OK - B&W setting right in the middle
Yep - it's cutting just the outside edge. I could add an offset if I wanted more white area around the image.

Next I changed to color mode, again using Direct Cut and the little Tools button.
Seems like it might be working with the 5-color setting.
When enlarged, I can see it will cut just the outline. Great!
Just for fun, I tried decreasing to the 2-color option.
Well....somehow I don't think this would be the best cut!!
I'm not sure how this will relate to our cute little elephant, but hopefully it will help me remember to try different scan settings to find the best scan for the results I want at least.