Monday, April 3, 2017

A is for...April Fools Day!

Good morning! I just discovered the "Blogging from A to Z" challenge via a friend of mine, Susan Berg. Check out her blog at SuseADoodle Do - she's an amazing artist and all-around nice lady whom I hope to meet in person some day.

I'm a BAD blogger, so decided the April challenge would be a way to at least try to increase my blogging. The "A" post was supposed to be Saturday - I'll see if I can catch up!

So, on April 1st my hubby and I were in the truck heading home to southern Colorado from a warm and pleasant couple of weeks in southern Arizona.  We hit the state line between New Mexico and Colorado on Raton Pass and THIS is what met us!  Luckily by the time we made it home, the snow was patchy and the fog had lifted, but the 1-mile stretch of dirt road to our place was pure, sticky mud! We had to hose off the trailer before we could start unloading.
We're back now to our beautiful blue skies and sunshine, so I figure this was just Mother Nature's April Fool's joke on us to welcome us back!!!

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