Friday, April 7, 2017

G is for...Granddaughter

I have a precious granddaughter. She's 4-½ years old. I wish she lived closer to me, but she's going to come visit for a week this summer with her beloved Auntie, while her mom and dad take a little vacation, for the first time since she was 6 months old.  We're really looking forward to seeing her!

She likes Grandma's craft stuff, so we'll have lots of fun glueing things and coloring things! And of course we'll go out and pick vegetables out of the garden and pull weeds in the flower beds and collect pretty rocks and read books. She'll get to help Uppa drive the 4-wheeler and the Bobcat and help him build things in his shop. We're going to go camping and she'll get to go fishing with her My Little Pony fishing pole that Uppa has already bought for her. And we'll see the rabbits and the birds, and we might see the deer and the turkeys. (Hopefully we won't see any rattlesnakes!)

It's pretty cool being a Grandma!!!


  1. We are expecting our first grandchild - a baby girl - next month and are more than over the moon excited. I can't wait to hold her and share life with her. You are so blessed.My Virtual Vineyard

  2. It sounds like you have a very fun visit planned for her.