Saturday, March 18, 2017


Yesterday my first daffodil bloomed.  My first EVER daffodil! I'm thrilled - they've been coming up every year, but this is the first time they've actually bloomed. Or if they've bloomed before, I wasn't here to see it....I think I lucked out this year, as we don't leave on our spring trip until tomorrow. 😀
The wire makes it a bit hard to see, but those are the cages I have to put around the tulips so the rabbits can't eat off the leaves.  Who knows, maybe I'll even have blooming tulips this year too! (Of course I won't be here to enjoy them.

I'm working on a little sewing project also. It's The Ultimate Wallet by So Sew Easy - and it's a FREE pattern. Can't get much better than that.  Of course after I started I realized I didn't have enough of the fabrics I had chosen, but found some that is a close enough match at JoAnn's yesterday. I wish I could have found more of the adorable alligators, but I don't remember where I got that piece. 😕

I love my Brandt's Boulevard Wallet (Chris W Designs), but want more card slots. And my current Necessary Clutch Wallet  (Emmaline Bags) is amazing and it's been WELL used, but I've been wanting a different fabric just for a change. I've discovered I love making wallets, and have made several NCW's for various folks in my life. I'm going to try graduating to larger purses when we get back from Arizona. I have to blame Rachel Anaya for getting me addicted to making wallets!!! She is an incredible sewist and makes beautiful wallets and purses, as well as other gorgeous items. If you get a chance, check out her blog at TigerInATornado.
Top: NCW - Bottom: Brandt's Boulevard

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