Monday, April 10, 2017

I is for...Iris

My 87-year-old mom grows irises. LOTS of irises. (Or is the plural just iris? Oh well...) Iris beds expand. Exponentially! Every year she goes out, digs up her irises, divides them, and makes new beds. She's been running out of room in her yard for years, but every year she still divides them, trims the tops neatly, puts them neatly in cardboard boxes and gives them to everyone she can.

I've been the recipient of quite a few of those extras. When we were first building the house, she asked Hubby to haul away a bunch in the back of the pickup. We gave most to neighbors, then he went out to the lot and just dumped the rest in a pile next to an old shed on the property. Next spring they grew, and they've been growing ever since. When I took this picture I realized I need to get outside and clean up the beds - they're VERY untidy!

After we finished the house and moved in, I planted a few on purpose. They took over every bed I put them in, and I've become my mother, digging them up, dividing them, building new beds, giving them to all the neighbors, and wondering what to do with the rest. They even tried to take over from the yucca, but it's fighting back! They're weeds, I'm sure of it!!! But they're pretty weeds and they take absolutely no care. I just wish the blooms lasted longer.

This year we're terracing this flower bed. Hubby said some of the plants might be destroyed in the process. I looked at the sweet little irises peeking out. Then I laughed and said, "Go ahead - I know where I can get more!"

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  1. So wonderfully worded...felt as if, i was with you throughout your journey of Iris! Loved the way the tradition is transferred from your mother to sure it will go on to the next generation as well!
    Good read to start a day on a fresh, crisp note for me!
    Anagha from Team MocktailMommies
    Collage Of Life