Thursday, April 13, 2017

L is for...Leftovers

I wish I could empty my refrigerator. I'm sure the dishes of leftovers multiply every night. Hubby started a diet Monday, but we still had two containers of enchiladas, a big bowl of white chicken chili, a refrigerator dish of pork and veggies from our kabobs, some pinto beans, several cauliflower/egg cups and some miscellaneous UFOs: unidentified fridge objects.

Don't get me wrong - I like leftovers. My husband likes leftovers, too. But they collect so quickly, even when we actually plan to use them for the next meal, and they're not on the diet. Right now we could eat for three or four days on what's in the refrigerator.  So why the heck do we keep cooking MORE? Since he retired, Hubby discovered he likes to cook, and he cooks. I'm not complaining about not having to be in the kitchen except to clean up. I'm not complaining about someone feeding me regularly! I guess we just need to make everything in two-serving sizes, which doesn't seem to be happening!

Every now and then I make leftover soup. EVERYTHING in the fridge goes in the soup. Sometimes it comes out really good. And...sometimes it doesn't. :-) Anybody have a good solution to the leftover problem? 

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