Wednesday, August 17, 2016

August Club Technique - Watercolor Lift

Our August club technique is "Watercolor Lift."  This simple technique seems to be all over the internet right now! Basically, large areas of color are protected by clear embossing, and then the rest of the color is "lifted" to create a softer look.  I tend to use splotches of color, but I've seen beautiful cards done with horizontal blocks to create a smoother look.  After you try the technique, make a card using your watercolor lift background. Here's mine:

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1. Cover watercolor paper with random patches
of color using water-based markers.

2. Spritz with water to blend edges.  Let dry
completely or use heat tool to speed drying.

3. Rub dry surface with Embossing Buddy or
dryer sheet. Stamp image with clear embossing
ink such as VersaMark.

4. Dust with clear embossing powder. Tap
off excess.

5. Heat embossing powder until it melts.

6.  Embossed areas will protect the color beneath the image.

7. Spritz with water again.

8. Soak up water with paper towels. Extra
color will lift, leaving behind the darker
color behind the embossed image.

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