Thursday, August 25, 2016


As fall approaches with cooler weather, I've been thinking about slippers.   Now, I'm a barefoot type of person.  I only put shoes on when I go outside.  I don't know if this started when I was a child, or when I lived in Alaska, where EVERYONE takes off their shoes when they come in the house, but it's an ingrained habit now and I'm more comfortable barefoot or in socks.  I find that as I've gotten older, my feet get colder in the winter so I'm more inclined to put on a pair of slippers.  Problem is, I don't really have any.  I used to have moose hide and beaver fur slippers in Alaska, but those are long gone.  I keep two or three pair of scuffs around for my mom when she visits, but I want slippers that have more than just toes.

I haven't done much sewing or crocheting lately, and need to get back into it, so I've been on the search for slipper patterns.  Free, of course!  Pretty Prudent has a really cute pattern that looks easy to make: I want to try these and will definitely post pictures if I ever get around to it.  Someone on made them with an old sweatshirt.  Good idea, cheap and warm, and I could make several pair to have around the house.

I guess I could try crocheting a pair, but that sounds like a lot more work. There are a lot of free patterns on the internet.  These look easy, and they're a lot cuter than some I've seen!  I'll have to see what kind of yarn I have in my stash.  I sold a LOT of it at the yard sale.

Well, I've wasted some time THINKING about doing something...I guess now I have to get up and DO something.  Drink more coffee, maybe?  :-)

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