Monday, July 16, 2018

Planners and Bullet Journals anyone out there into the planner / bullet journal craze? I attended a meeting of the Pueblo Planner Peeps today, and was amazed! What a creative group of ladies! They have multiple planners, special pens and stickers, and all kinds of decorative accents.

My idea of planning is noting appointments and plans on my phone calendar, adding groceries to my phone list app, or writing a "to-do" list on my phone notes app. I mean, I always have me phone with me, and the apps sync with my husband's apps, so we always see the same info.  I'm really not sure how or where to start, but I'll stick my toe in the water, just to see what this addiction is all about.

I happen to already have two planners from FSJ - an orange personal size one that I use for stamping and FSJ product-related information, creative notes and orders. Then at Convention we were all given an A5 planner that I haven't started to use yet.  I'm not ready to dive into those just yet, but they're here when I need them!

My first goal is to learn about bullet journaling. I've dug out a small spiral notebook with a hard cover, some pens and a ruler and put them all in a handy little box. On the first page of the notebook, I wrote the KEY:

Apparently my next step to is create a MONTHLY - basically just a calendar. One of the ladies I met showed me her journal. The pages were blank except for faint, evenly spaced dots. Those dots helped her draw the lines for her calendar.

Well, we'll see if I do this or not!!

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