Wednesday, May 17, 2017

New FSJ Website

Fun Stampers Journey just rolled out a brand new, improved website, and it's awesome! And I was the first coach to put in an order on it today. I received a phone call and heard all kinds of noise on the other end - it was all the folks at the home office yelling and cheering! 

I really love working for this company. It's like a big family, with everyone looking out for everyone else. Richard Garay, the president and co-founder, is so involved with all of us coaches and constantly trying to improve the company based on our input. I was affiliated with a different company for 10 years, but have NO regrets moving to FSJ - there's just no comparison.

If you get a chance, check out my website at And if you have any interest in stamping, mixed media, and paper crafting, you might even be interested in joining. The starter kits are a fantastic bargain, and there are several choices including one for the hobbyist who isn't interested in running a business. You don't have to sell to others unless you want to because the minimum to stay active is only $150 per quarter. I would spend $50 a month on craft supplies anyway - I'd rather buy from myself! The coach price is 20% off the catalog price, so that's really only $120 every three months. The products are excellent quality, the prices are very reasonable, and the people are wonderful.

Anyway...if you think you might be interested, drop me a note or leave a comment here on the blog!

In just three weeks I'll be at convention in Arizona, renewing old friendships and making new. It will be great to meet folks I've only known through social media so far. Convention is an amazing, exciting, inspiring four days. After going last year, I knew I had to go again! (And the food is A-MAZ-ING!!!!) I'll try to be a good blogger and post pictures and sneak peeks, as one of the perks is that I'll get the new catalog a whole month ahead of everyone else. And...the FSJ catalog is HUGE! I'm taking a suitcase with very little in it so I'll have room for all the goodies they give out.

So join FSJ and come with me to convention next year!!!!! 😉 

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