Sunday, May 15, 2016

Grow Where You're Planted

Welcome to our Fun Stampers Journey "May Flowers and Growth" Blog Hop! We're really happy you're hoppin' along! If you arrived here from Heather Flaherty's blog, you're on the right track. If not, that's ok too! Just continue the hop and you'll come full circle - there's a list of all the participants at the bottom of this post.

I love tulips, but I simply cannot grow them. I tried in Alaska, lovingly planting bulbs in the fall only to be disappointed in the spring. After two or three years a neighbor told me voles (tiny short-tailed mousy-type rodents that I really didn't like) scurried around under the snow all winter long EATING my tulip bulbs. So I gave up. But then I moved to Colorado! My mom grows tulips so maybe there's hope for me. Nope...they come up just fine, but then the neighborhood bunnies eat them down to the ground. In fact, yesterday I noticed they're even digging down to get to the bulbs. So I've decided it's not that I don't have a green thumb - it's just that I grow such DELICIOUS tulips that wildlife can't resist.

When I saw this stamp, which unfortunately is no longer available, it reminded me of something in which I truly believe:  "Grow Where You're Planted." No matter what circumstances you find yourself in (even if it's an old boot!) you can always find goodness and beauty if you look for it. So here are some spring tulips that the voles and bunnies aren't going to eat. I used the same image and orientation just to show what different colors and backgrounds could do for a card.


Now, please head over to Carol Norby's blog to see what she has to share this month. And thanks for visiting my blog - come back again some day!

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  1. Wilma, your blog made me smile! TFS your wonderful cards!

  2. Wonderful cards! Thanks for the warning, we are moving to the country & I wanted to plant daffodils. It could be the wildlife will like those too. :)

  3. Great job showing the variety that the paper makes with the one stamp.

  4. Had to laugh at all your troubles. I used to grow tulips years ago but the neighbor kids would steal them just before they bloomed so I never got to enjoy them. Love your cards. That is a great stamp!

  5. I love that you used the stamp in 3 different cards. They look great.

  6. I love how you showed variety with one stamp. Thank you for sharing.

  7. Love the boots with the tulips one of my favorite stamps!

  8. Hi! Thank you or hopping with us this month. I love all three, great job on coloring-- gonna miss this set! -Christine

  9. Wonderful variations on the card and your coloring is just beautiful..

  10. Thanks so much, ladies!! I'm sure enjoying this hop - I finally had a chance to go through and look at everyone's great work. We're all so TALENTED!!!

  11. Very nice cards. Love all three of them :)