Thursday, July 12, 2018

How Does My Garden Grow?

It's been SO dry and hot this summer that it seems everything is slow. We water every morning, but so far it seems that's just enough to keep things alive! Not even the ONE zucchini plant that lived is growing much. But finally the parsley and basil are about ready to use, the peppers are about ready to start blooming, and we actually have four or five small green tomatoes and one that's starting to turn a bit pink. The strawberries don't seem to be doing much - no booms, berries, or runners, but maybe they'll pick up a bit this fall. The asparagus are doing well. We don't harvest yet, just let it go to fern and seed to let it get more established. And the peony is doing great - I might actually get a flower next year!
Basil, lavender, parsley, cilantro, chives
Tomatoes - 4 different kinds this year

Asparagus and peony

On the other hand, the Russian Sage is spreading like wildfire. I really need to get it under control. I trimmed up the catmint, tarragon, and rosemary today, so they'll look a little better.

We just purchased a purple smoke bush/tree, and I've been trying to decide where to put it and researching when/how to prune it to keep it as a bush. This resource seems pretty good. Now I just have to remember to check it early next spring!

We also bought a Utah Poplar tree. We really miss the two aspens that died, so are hoping this will help fill that space.

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