Monday, September 5, 2016

September Club Technique - Watercolor and Alcohol

Our September club technique uses watercolor and rubbing alcohol to add interest and texture to a background piece.  It's pretty easy - just lay down a watercolor wash and drip, splatter or dab on some rubbing alcohol.  The color around the alcohol will spread and lighten.  I added some bits of more intense color after adding the alcohol, to give it a bit more interest.  After you try the technique, make a card using your watercolor and alcohol background. And please share your creations! Here's mine.  I used an older sentiment stamp from my stash, the FSJ doily die, and FSJ Butterfly Prints and matching dies.
To get started, you'll need watercolor paper, watercolor paints or crayons, water, rubbing alcohol, and paint brushes.  I also like to use a bit of masking tape to hold my paper flat while I'm working, and an acrylic block to use as a palette.

Mix up some water and color on your palette so you'll have it ready for your wash.  Then spritz your paper (or brush with clear water). Paint color over the entire surface.

Next use a paint brush, Q-tip, or cotton ball to splatter or drip alcohol onto the wet color wash.  I think my starting color should have been darker so the contrast would show up better.  The alcohol will look grayish when you first add it, but will soon dry.

I dipped the tip of my small brush directly into my wet paint and just touched the damp paper here and there since I didn't think my original color was intense enough. I like the look of this step better than the final piece after it dried!!

Finally, let the background dry, or dry with a heat tool, trim and use it to create an element on your card.  Have fun!

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  1. Well, that is pretty! And it looks like lots of fun.