Sunday, September 18, 2016

A Gift for my Aunt

My 86-year-old mom and I are leaving in a couple of days for Iowa to visit her sister.  This may be their last visit, as they live so far apart and neither is well enough to travel much.  One of my cousins will pick us up and take us to my aunt's home, then another cousin will pick us up in a few days and return us to the airport. We hope to also visit another cousin who is struggling with Stage 3 cancer while we're there.

I've been trying to collect a few gifts to take back with us.  Colorado-grown beans, honey, hand-made soaps - gifts for my cousins were fairly easy.  But I was having a hard time thinking of something for my aunt. Then I happened on some fabric that called out her name and I decided to make a NCW (Necessary Clutch Wallet) for her. This is a pattern from Emmaline Bags that I've made several times.  I was originally inspired by Rachel Anaya, an amazing seamstress friend.  Her blog,, is well worth following.  My mom and I both carry a NCW, I have a couple of spares at home, I've made some for charity raffles, and a couple as gifts for my daughters.  I keep adjusting the pattern to get it EXACTLY the way I want it.  This one is close, but I think I need to make a few more!

Here's what I made to take to my aunt.  I think she'll like it, as she's a quilter and seamstress and I'm sure she will value the time and love that went into it.

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