Monday, September 18, 2017

Cutting Sentiment Stamps with the Scan n Cut

I have a new Scan n Cut 250 (an older model) that I'm just learning how to use. One of the things I want it for is to cut out stamped images that don't have matching dies. I think I finally figured it out today, after watching many YouTube videos on how to use a transparency! But I tend to prefer written tutorials, so thought I'd list the steps here in case I forget how the next time I need to do this. I store my acetate sheets with my stamp set to use again as needed.
  1. After stamping the sentiment, draw the cut line with a fine-line Sharpie on an acetate sheet.
  2. Affix the stamped sheet to the SnC mat. Use a bit of masking tape to align the acetate sheet over the sentiment to be cut.
  3. Feed the mat into the machine and touch Scan, then Direct Cut. 
  4. Scan the image, then remove the acetate sheet.
  5. Now refine the cut line. Use the arrows to define the cut area, and preview to be sure to get the correct part of the scan.
  6. Next, touch the offset button and set how far from the drawn line the cut should occur. (I like .04, but sometimes use .08)
  7. Cut, then put the acetate over the next image and repeat steps 3 through 6 for the next sentiment.


  1. Love this Wilma. You have made my job SO much easier. Saving your post in my SNC file for later on when I have to do the same thing. Thanks for documenting the step by step. This is how I learn.

  2. Oooh thank you - just the way I need to see things. You are a star

  3. Thank you. I just created a folder on my favorites so I can keep this and other SNC tutorials that are helpful

  4. So essentially you're creating a reusable acetate "die" - excellent, thanks for sharing :)

  5. hi from the top of Scotland, thank you so much, I love written notes to follow, so much easier. I look forward to hopefully more ideas/help from you. thanks Pauline

  6. Gracias!!! Desde Argentina te saludo.