Monday, June 13, 2016

I'm Back - and I'm a lot heavier!

Just got back from four days of AWESOME in Scottsdale, Arizona.  The Fun Stampers Journey Convention 2016 was amazing.  I've never experienced so much fun packed into such a short time.  Everyone I met was friendly, the sessions were informative and VERY entertaining, and the food was completely out of this world!  If you're not an FSJ Coach, I encourage you to sign up immediately  (with me, of course) and start saving for next year!!  I'm starting my 2017 savings account (and my DIET) right now.  The experience was way beyond my expectations, and worth every penny I spent and much more.

So - what made the experience so wonderful?  Gotta start with the food - WOW!  I was fed eight full meals during the three and a half days, and every one of those meals was perfectly cooked and beautifully served.  Every buffet meal included 4 or 5 entrees, 4 or 5 salads and/or fruits, several rolls and breads, soup, side dishes, and MULTIPLE desserts.  And then there was the Awards Dinner.  I had a perfect sirloin:

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