Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Pencil-outline Cutting with Scan n Cut

Some images and especially sentiments can be challenging for the SnC. This particular stamp set has a lot of feathery little areas and broken lines. Here's one way to cut images like this.


1. Draw around the image with a pencil:
2. Scan to Direct Cut, using the Black/White setting. Frame the scanned image with the arrows.
3. Click on the double circle tool (offset??). Adjust the border to a negative number. I used -0.02 and -0.03. By using a negative border, the image should cut INSIDE the pencil line so you don't have to erase it.
4. Cut the image - erase any stray pencil lines that are left. Here are the results from the three images I tried. With a -0.03 border, the pencil line is removed when the image is cut.

Other methods involve tracing the outline on an acetate sheet, but this pencil-outline method is quick and easy.

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