Monday, October 9, 2017

Vintage waterfall card

I've been working on waterfall cards today, and thought you might like to see how this one went together:

Select your image and card stock. Here are the measurements I used:
     Card Base: 4.25 x 11 scored at 5.5
     Background Panel: 4 x 5.25
     Waterfall Mechanism: 2.25 x 9  
                  (scored at 2, 2.75, 3.5, and 4.25) and same color .75 x 4 (plus brads)
     4 square mats: 2.25 x 2.25
     4 images: 2 x 2
  1. Stamp images and mat them. The finished pieces should be squares that measure the same as the width of your "mechanism" strip. Score and fold the mechanism strip.
  2. Prepare your background panel. For this card I decided to stamp my panel, but it also works great to use a piece of printed paper. The little strip measures .75" x 4", so it fits just right across the width of the background panel.
  3. Before mounting the background panel onto the card base, the small strip needs to be securely attached, since it will be the piece that makes the waterfall work! I folded the mechanism strip so all the fold lines are on the front, and the back is the long, unfolded piece. Then I lined it up on the card where I wanted it. I want the little strip of printed paper to go across the background panel even with the bottom of the front, folded part of the mechanism strip. 
  4. Attach just the ends of the little strip to the sides of the background panel. I use a little double-sided tape, and then add brads to be sure the ends are secure. 
  5. Now the background panel can be mounted on the card base. Slide the long, unfolded part of the mechanism strip behind the small strip, lining up the bottom edge of the front, folded part with the bottom edge of the small paper strip. 
  6. **This next part is the most important step of all.** Have the long end of the mechanism strip BEHIND the .75" strip of printed paper. Put glue only where the end of the folded front piece will be. Fold down the front piece, lining it up with the bottom of the printed paper strip. Be sure not to glue anything but the top to the printed paper. The long piece needs to be able to move freely.  
  7. Now glue the square images in place. Each one will be glued to the mechanism strip, just below the fold line. Glue the first image down completely on the first square area, then be sure to put glue between the fold lines only as each image is added.   
  8. Stamp or decorate the long part of the mechanism strip if desired, so designs will show when it is completely pulled out. I decided to cover the long piece with another piece of the rose printed paper I was using.
That's pretty much it! If you like video instructions, I highly recommend Stacy William's YouTube video. She does an amazing job of explaining everything!

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