Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year!

Wow!  I hadn't realized just how long I'd been on a "break!"  I didn't even get the December technique posted, and it's almost time for the January class and technique.  Life during the holidays did me in, I guess.  But the Christmas decorations are down and it's 2017, so I'd better get busy.  I did manage to get all my Christmas cards finished and mailed *PHEW*... I'm starting to think I need to get going on next year's cards now (I actually have an idea!).

The December technique was a very simple one I borrowed from a children's activity:  Bubble Paint Background.  All you need is a straw, a container, a little paint, and some liquid dish soap.  Mix paint, water, and a little dish soap together in the container, and use the straw to blow bubbles!  Fun, huh? (Be sure to cover your work area with newspaper or paper towels!)
Now, simply touch your card stock lightly onto the bubbles to create different backgrounds for your cards or stamping. Experiment with different colors and more or less paint. 
I'll try to catch up on my blogging and do better in 2017.  Happy New Year!

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