Thursday, July 21, 2016

Deconstructed Catalog

My husband is awesome!  Every time I go to him with a "Can you do this?" request, he does it!  He made me a stamp positioner, a storage box for my embossing folders, and LONG counters and shelving in the beautiful big craft room he built for me in the basement.  I'm lucky to have such a handy guy around, in so many ways.

Yesterday, I took one of my giant FSJ catalogs to him and asked for help.  The catalog is so thick that it doesn't lay flat when I'm using it, and I couldn't figure out a way to tab the spiral-bound one I received at Convention.  So he took it out to his shop, put it on the band saw, and sawed off the bound/glued edge.  Then I came in and did the rest.  I love it!

He cut about ⅛" off the spine.

Ready to go, with an old binder that was floating around.

Punched holes and added transparent tabbed dividers from Dollar Tree.

SO easy to use now, and my only cost was $3 for the dividers!!

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