Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Chocolate Rules!

I've been pretty busy at my "day" job lately, so I haven't posted much, but last night I ran across a discussion of "The Ten Rules of Chocolate" on the SU Demo site. I immediately told my husband I needed candy bars to make CHOCOLATE BOOKS! I ultimately made 20 of these goodies and took them along for everyone at the meeting scheduled for today. It was lots of fun, everyone loved them, AND I was able to use up some old patterned paper...a win-win situation. (And my DH got chocolate for dessert!)

These are made from 6x6 squares. There's a full-sized Hershey bar under the page on the right -- I think the original one I CASE'd had two bars, one on each side, but my little book didn't want to close with two. If you'd like the "rules," drop me an email at

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  1. Cute, cute idea. Thanks and I have sent you an emai. Enjoyed my visit to your blog. Diane